VICKI MATTHEWS, ND : Naturopathic Physician

Vicki Matthews is a Naturopathic Physician and author who lives in the Chicago area. Vicki is a passionate advocate of integrated health in both her teaching and her private practice.



Metal vs. Wood: Metal Wins

Dear Vicki: My husband and I are nearing retirement age and for the first time in our almost 35 years of marriage, we’re having trouble. Our children are raised and on their own, we are financially settled, but are fighting like we never used to. If I look back at when things changed, it was […]

Fire Brother Ready to Burst into Flames

Dear Vicki: I’ve recently begun studying the Five Element theory and am hoping it can help me better understand my younger brother. I love him, but he makes me nervous. Growing up, Gaven was very outgoing, to say the least. He ran instead of walked, jumped around when excited, and always seemed busy. When we were […]

The Necessity of Love and Compassion

One can always count on the Dalai Lama to say things like they are. And although he doesn’t specifically emphasize it, he’s great at highlighting cultural imbalances between the masculine and feminine principles. Today, it’s how each principle approaches love … Continue reading →

Prejudice, Ignorance, and The Other

“Prejudice is the child of ignorance.” Most people find prejudice and ignorance to be undesirable traits. And they are. Yet there’s an interconnectedness between the two that can be used to help remove them from our world and reclaim balance. … Continue reading →

The Goddess Letters

The dreams hold Selena prisoner. Without warning they carry her to bloody battles, a chat with Socrates, or to the gardens of an ancient goddess who reveals the truth of woman’s betrayal.

The Goddess Letters is a tale of love and cultural crisis that celebrates heroes and unlikely visionaries. A testament to passion of all kinds, it honors those who have the courage to fight for the old, be it love, beliefs, or entire civilizations.

The Goddess Letters

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