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Vicki Matthews is a Naturopathic Physician and author who lives in the Chicago area. Vicki is a passionate advocate of integrated health in both her teaching and her private practice.



Water, Metal, and the “S” Word: Structure

Dear Vicki: I run an assisted living facility and as a Metal, I take pride in what I do. I have a wonderful crew of people who help me make the place as comfortable for the seniors as possible. However, one of my employees constantly gives me trouble. His name is Peter, and he’s caring, … Continue reading Water, Metal, and the “S” Word: Structure

Balance Needed: Now More Than Ever

Hi Everyone! I’m back from the break I took to finish my Five Elements book, The Five Faces of Relationships. Check out my ASK VICKI blog for thoughts on that topic. But now, on to the important business of Reclaiming Balance! It’s such … Continue reading →

Feeling Hopeless?

If hopelessness has come to visit lately, drink lots of ginseng tea. This works because ginseng tea is known to balance the Water element in the body. Low Water energy can make everything seem hopeless. The post Feeling Hopeless? appeared first on Vicki Matthews.

The Goddess Letters

The dreams hold Selena prisoner. Without warning they carry her to bloody battles, a chat with Socrates, or to the gardens of an ancient goddess who reveals the truth of woman’s betrayal.

The Goddess Letters is a tale of love and cultural crisis that celebrates heroes and unlikely visionaries. A testament to passion of all kinds, it honors those who have the courage to fight for the old, be it love, beliefs, or entire civilizations.

The Goddess Letters

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