“Vicki Matthews is an inspirational teacher.  Practicing what she preaches, Vicki embodies the substantial knowledge that she presents in class. Bright and articulate, Vicki is truly passionate about teaching. Her classes are well organized, fun and chockfull of valuable information and techniques. I would take her classes anytime!”  -N.R., Yoga Instructor and Licensed Brain Gym Instructor/Consultan

Victoria H. Matthews, ND, is a Naturopathic Physician (and author) who lives in the Chicago area.  Vicki is a passionate advocate of integrated health in both her teaching and her private practice.  In her work, she emphasizes the interaction of the physical, energetic, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects of the person.  Within this context, health and healing becomes a journey towards ultimate balance within and among each of these aspects. 

Vicki Matthews

The Goddess Letters
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In addition to her Naturopathic degree, where she specialized in Herbal Medicine, Vicki is a specialist in Five Element Theory from Traditional Chinese Medicine, and has pioneered the use of this elegant model in human relationships.  Vicki is also the founding Director of Donna Eden's two-year Energy Medicine Certification Program.  She has been a senior practitioner of Eden Energy Medicine for many years. 

Vicki is an enthusiastic teacher who regularly leads and accepts offers around the country for workshops in Five Element theory, Balancing Your Being, Energy Healing, and other energy medicine topics, as well as natural health issues. 

"Vicki Matthews, N.D. is a captivating, brilliant, and lucid teacher.   I’ve had the pleasure to observe Vicki give professional presentations, teach energy medicine in a two-year class, and instruct individual clients.  She accepts others for where they are and adroitly presents information with a deep intuition that inspires them to embrace themselves, continue learning, and take the next steps on their journey."  -D.M., Ph.D.

Vicki Matthews teaching at Omega.