Ask Vicki: Relationship Advice Using the Five Elements

Easing Tension Between Family Members

Dear Readers: It’s time for another quick Five Elements Fix and an opportunity to address how we relate to ourselves and our environment.

In a recent discussion with several friends, the question came up of how best to get along with the people you are staying home with 24/7. For most, these are close family members and patience is wearing thin. One friend even said, “I used to like my brother, but now I’m not so sure! Is there something I can do?”

Answer: Again, the short answer is yes! There are actually lots of ways to smooth interactions between family members, but I’m going to share two of my favorites: 

1) The first is to create a harmonizing energy pattern between the two people having problems. This is done by tracing the pattern of the number 8 on its side between the people. So, what you would do is stand about four feet away from the family member you want better connects with and, using your hand, trace an 8 on its side back and forth between the two of you. Start by doing this for one minute, but the more you do it, the easier this gets and the more it can harmonize connections between people.

2) However, if this seems too weird (or the other person won’t go along with this “weaving the figure 8”), another easy way to harmonize the energy specifically between family members is to wear a tiger’s eye crystal around your neck for at least two weeks. If you can get the other person to wear a tiger’s eye, too, it will be even better!

1. Figure 8s: For centuries, the pattern of the Figure 8 has been known to balance and harmonize energies and is often considered one of the sacred symbols. When traced in the air between two people, it creates a resonance between their individual energies. This resonance has a harmonizing effect between people because it synchronizes energies that have quite literally been “out of synch” with each other. The shift can be almost immediate, and will definitely improve with continued use.

2. Tiger’s Eye: The energy of this amazing stone (also called cat’s eye) has been known to balance the Earth Element. Because family relationships sit in the Earth Element, anything that balances Earth energy between people will also balance their family connection. Tiger’s eye is another stone that is easy to find and usually feels quite comforting when worn against the skin. After a few weeks of wearing the tiger’s eye, you should find that your attitude toward certain family members (and in fact, all family members) has markedly improved. Plus, it’s a beautiful stone!

Stay safe and well,

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