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Five Element Fixes: Negative Thoughts

Question: I seem to have a lot of negative thoughts lately. What can I do?

Answer: Rub lemon oil behind both ears, then rub your hands together and inhale the fragrance slowly for at least one minute. Do this daily.

Why: Mental energy is deeply impacted (some might even say “governed”) by the Metal element. Because Metal energy can be so mental, that’s where we need to work if we have negative thoughts. For people with a lot of Metal energy – or people who tend to live in their heads a lot – it can be really important to keep Metal energy balanced.

Lemon oil works to balance the Metal element. When unbalanced, Metal energy can become critical, negative, inflexible, or controlling. When Metal energy is balanced, it vibrates at a higher frequency and is reasonable, logical, rational, and wise. There is a lot going on these days that stresses the Metal desire to have things done the right way, so using lemon oil daily will not only help with negative thoughts, it will help maintain the processes so important to Metal element people.

Stay safe and well,