Five Elements Wisdom Cards


For millennia, sages have used their knowledge of the Five Elements to help guide themselves, and others, through life. The Five Elements teach of cycles, relationships, and the deep natural wisdom represented by the elements of Water, Wood, Fire, Earth, and Metal. Now that knowledge and guidance can be yours with the new Five Elements Wisdom Cards.

This beautiful deck of 52 cards features an elegant representation of the Five Element model on the card backs and 50 words of wisdom, 10 for each element, on the fully illustrated fronts. Suggestions for using the deck include: a) pulling a single card daily for inspiration, b) holding a specific issue in mind and pulling three cards for guidance on that issue, and c) grouping the cards together by element and studying all 10 messages for a specific element that governs an issue you have, for example, worry, fear, anger, anxiousness, or grief. Issues related to each element are included with the instructions. The Five Elements Wisdom Cards come in a 4” by 3” Lucite box and make great gifts! Made in the USA.

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