Open to Joy DVD


Activating the Radiant Circuits with Eight Special Points

Energy Medicine teaches that the Radiant Circuits are crucial for health and happiness.  Yet the sad fact is that when people most need Radiant Circuit energy, it is often hardest to access.  This DVD introduces the Confluent Points, eight points that sit at the intersection of the Radiant Circuits and the Meridians. As described in an ancient Qigong healing technique, when the Confluent Points are used in a specific and very simple sequence, they open and activate each of the Radiant Circuits at a deep level.  This 120-minute DVD gives the history and location of the Confluent Points, as well as a clear demonstration of the Open to Joy protocol to activate the Radiant Circuits.  Also included are substantial handout materials and an Open to Joy summary sheet.

Praise for Open to Joy:

“Open to Joy was a breakthrough in Radiant Circuits for me. Fabulous!!!!”

“I was fortunate to receive an Open to Joy session and experienced a turnaround in my energy immediately.”

“Open to Joy is very important material that can be used and applied in a very profound way.  It was an amazing experience.”

“Very powerful protocol (Open to Joy) and expertly presented!”