Secret Passage DVD


Using Passage Points to Balance and Detoxify

Passage Points offer a quick and easy way to shift the energies in paired yin and yang meridians of the same element (for example, Spleen and Stomach) without the time-intensive use of strengthening and sedating points. This 110-minute DVD not only teaches the important uses of Passage Points (called Luo Points in Chinese medicine), it also introduces Secret Passage, a technique using Passage Points together with Source Points to move toxic physical and emotional energies out of the system very quickly.  Similar to Black Pearl or Brazilian Toe Technique, Secret Passage is a gentle and relaxing protocol that is beneficial for anyone desiring to detoxify.  Secret Passage is especially useful for balancing emotional states.  This DVD comes with substantial handout material and a Secret Passage summary sheet.

Praise for Secret Passage:

“The Secret Passage technique is incredibly simple, but powerful. I really felt this when it came to the practice period!”

“Secret Passage is yet again another wonderful technique from Vicki Matthews, and it’s easy to use with clients.”

“I’m so glad to have learned Secret Passage.  It’s so great to have a gentle way to detox!”

“Secret Passage should be the whole Energy Medicine session. Very powerful and expertly presented!”