The Relationship Puzzle DVD


The Five Elements Way to Harmonize Interactions

Perhaps the greatest challenge for the human being is getting along with other human beings.  This DVD provides insights into our relationships and how to make them better. To do so, it explores an elegant, yet simple model from Chinese medicine called the Five Elements model.  This model helps us understand why we act the way we act with certain people and how to change our patterns that are dysfunctional.

We all have an affinity for one or two of the Five Elements and this affects everything we do.  By understanding this affinity it is possible to predict our behavioral tendencies, emotional challenges, and interaction styles.   From this 75-minute DVD you will begin to understand your own elemental type, how to determine the elemental types of others, and most importantly, how to create happier relationships.  Included is a 25-page handout section with energy exercises designed to balance each element.

Praise for The Relationship Puzzle:

“The Five Elements have such a profound impact on how we view our lives, and nobody understands the Five Elements better than Vicki Matthews.”

“The material in The Relationship Puzzle changed how I relate to my family and friends.  I understand our patterns so much better now!”

“Vicki Matthews has a fantastic ability to take complex ideas and synthesize them in a way that makes them accessible to her audience.   I left The Relationship Puzzle class understanding myself better.”

“Vicki has the ability to teach the Five Elements in ways that inform, instruct, nurture, and entertain.   In The Relationship Puzzle, she embodies the Five Elements and makes them come alive.”

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