Weaving the Yins DVD


A Protocol to Balance Yin and Yang

For resiliency and optimal health at all levels of our being, we must maintain a balance between yin and yang energies.  This DVD introduces Weaving the Yins, a protocol that tests and corrects for conditions of yin/yang imbalance.  Whether addressing a system-wide problem with the body’s total yin and total yang energies, or working with yin energies that are not connected to each other at the meridian level, Weaving the Yins allows you to stabilize and balance the yin and yang energies.  When this happens, all other energy patterns in the body begin to stay strong.

Specific instructions on how to test and correct for numerous types of yin/yang imbalances are demonstrated on this 70-minute DVD as part of the Weaving the Yins protocol.  Also included are detailed handouts on the Five Elements model and a summary sheet of the Weaving the Yins technique.

Praise for Weaving the Yins:

“Weaving the Yins is a straightforward, yet very powerful technique.  I loved the way it felt when we practiced on each other. I felt whole again!”

“A deep sense of balance bubbled up inside me after experiencing Weaving the Yins.”

“Deceptively easy, Weaving the Yins makes a big difference in helping energy patterns to hold.”

“This was a wonderful technique and presentation!  Weaving the Yins weaves everything together.  It even helped with Triple Warmer!”